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Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy in Buildings

Target audience(s):            Institutions, Government Administrators/Managers

The goal of this activity is to successfully complete tasks as a result of VIEO partnerships with our adopted schools that maximize significant energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technology benefits in their facilities.  Upon project completion, marketing of the energy efficient applications will be accomplished via video presentations to stakeholders and other interested institutions and agencies.  In addition, the VIEO staff will monitor the VI Housing Finance Authority’s solar powered model home located in a residential area. The VIEO will also continue the Building Energy Code adoption process.


Building Energy Audit Program

Target audience(s):            Utility RatepayersEnergy office at audit

The goal of this activity is to conduct basic energy audits of eligible ratepayers of the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA).  Participants will receive advice on energy efficient measures and a kit that includes energy efficiency devices.  A team comprised of VIEO and WAPA staff will conduct building energy audits at residential, small commercial, and government sites. For an application, click here.



Virgin Islands Energy Management Program (VIEMP)

Target audience(s):            Government and Commercial Buildings

The VIEO has introduced the idea of performance contracting with Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), as a means to help government and the commercial sectors afford energy-efficient retrofits in their buildings.  In the first year of this activity, it is the VIEO’s objective to conduct investment grade audits, and share the results with the local utility, WAPA and members of the Governor’s cabinet. For more information e-mail Patricia Lord.

Discretionary Grant Program

Target audience(s):            Not-For-Profit, Government, Schools/Institutions

The Energy Efficiency Building retrofit component of the Discretionary Grant Program (DGP) has provided funding for energy efficient retrofits for existing buildings.  Actions such as changing windows to low-e windows, magnetic ballast lamps to electronic ballast fluorescent lamps, air conditioners to an Energy Star energy-efficient motor are some of the retrofits that were funded under this component.  Additionally, previously funded projects under this activity will be monitored and evaluated. For more information e-mail Joseph Daniel.

Energy Rebate Program

Target audience(s):            Residential and Commercial Sectors

This activity will afford eligible residents the opportunity to implement EERE and water reduction/recycling measures through a rebate program.  The VIEO will offer and promote rebates on renewable energy and energy efficient products to residents of the Virgin Islands through a Rebate Program. For more information e-mail Leila Muller.

Developers Incentives

Target audience(s):            Architects, Developers, Home buyers

The builders’ community has expressed an interest in incorporating EERE technologies and practices in the construction and renovation of commercial and residential buildings.  This activity will provide information and incentives that encourage potential homebuilders, developers, and architects to include EERE technologies in the design and financing stages of home and business construction to reduce the burden of high initial costs of EERE equipment purchase and installation.  In the first year of this grant, the VIEO will enter into partnership with the Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority and other low and middle income housing developers to provide workshops aimed at exploring EERE opportunities for developers and builders 

Enforcement of Mandatory Activities on Record

Target audience(s):            Policymakers, Legislators

The Territory is presently experiencing high-energy costs due to skyrocketing oil prices worldwide. Many residents expressed a need for the local government to implement energy efficiency measures in government buildings as an example to employees and residents.  There are executive orders already on the books that need to be enforced.  This activity will aim to research all such executive orders and develop strategies for their enforcement within public buildings in the Territory.  Specific mandatory activities to be enforced include thermal efficiency standards, energy efficiency criteria in procurement procedures, and lighting efficiency standard for public buildings.


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